Timing Chain Kit VVT Acuator Cam Gear For Mazda CX-7 2.3L GS GT Sport 2007-2013

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For Mazda 3 2.3L TURBO 2007-2013
For Mazda CX-7 2.3L TURBO 2007-2012
For Mazda Speed3 2.3L TURBO 2007-2009
For Mazda Speed6 2.3L TURBO 2006-2007

OEM or Interchange Part Number:

L3K9-12-4X0C, L3K9-11-316, L3K9-14-143, L3K9-12-671
L3K9-12-201A, L3K9-14-151, L3K9-12-425, L3K9-11-316
L3K9-12-500A, L3K9-14-500, L3K9-12-614, L3K9-14-614
L3K9124X0C, L3K911316, L3K914143, L3K912671
L3K912201A, L3K914151, L3K912425, 1S7Z6K254AA
L3K912500A, L3K914500, L3K912614, L3K914614
1L5Z6268AA 1S7Z6A895AA

Package Includes:
1 x Timing Chain-(138 Links)
1 x Oil Pump Chain-(60 Links)
1 x VVT Acuator
1 x Cam Gear
2 x Crank Gear
1 x Oil Pump Gear
1 x Tensioner
1 x Timing Chain Guide-(Left)
1 x Timing Chain Guide-(Right)
1 x Tensioner-(Oil Pump)
1 x Oil Chain Guide-(Oil Pump)
1 x Cranshaft Drive Gear

Just as piactures shown


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