Power Steering Pump with Pulley Compatible for 2002-2009 Toyota Camry 2.4L, 2002-2008 Solara 2.4L Replace # 4431006070/44310-06071/92-5245/21-5245/33150

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Once you find the following problems for your vehicle, please double-check the power steering pump and get it replaced if it is defective.

  • Whining Noise While Turning the Wheel
  • Steering Wheel Slow to Respond or Stiff
  • Squealing Noises When the Vehicle Starts
  • Groaning Noises
  • Reddish-Brown Puddle Under Car

Above are the Top 5 Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Power Steering Pump!

Driving anywhere depends on smooth and efficient operation of our steering system.

If you notice any of the above symptoms or warning signs, don't put it off, order our Power Steering Pump.


High quality and durable!

Direct fit. Please check your part number and our fitment!

Great replacement for your old one!

Enhance your love car performance!

  • When the driver provides input by rotating the steering wheel, the hydraulic pump driven by the engine starts pumping the highly compressed hydraulic fluid through lines.
  • The hydraulic pressure produced by the pump enters the hydraulic cylinder which in turn applies pressure over the cylinder’s piston. The piston which is under high pressure starts moving from one end to the another which in turn pushes the further fluid through lines, with this movement of piston the input force applied by the driver is multiplied several times.
  • This high pressure fluid sent by the hydraulic cylinder then applies the pressure to the attached pinion through the coupling mechanism which in turn applies high force to the rack gear and the steering action in the front wheels takes place.


  • Always wear safety glasses when doing automotive maintenance.
  • As with any job to do it right you'll need the right tools.
  • Be cautious when working under the hood. If the engine has been running, components will be extremely hot, so be careful what you touch. When working around a running engine, it is important to be alert, and never wear loose clothing or a necktie that can get tangled in belts police or the fan.
  • Be cautious when working with oils and chemicals. Many are damaging to the ground water environment and toxic to people and animals, never drain or pour chemicals into the ground or sewer systems.

Product Disclaimer: This product is not designed to meet any emissions/noise standards and is not for street or highway use. This product is not certified and may not be legal for use on emissions-controlled vehicles in any country/jurisdiction. Any other use, including recreational off-road use, may be in violation of local, state, and federal laws. Carrot Top Tuning does not implicitly or explicitly confirm the legality of using any products it sells on public roads; that is entirely the responsibility of the customer. Carrot Top Tuning will not ship CARB restricted products into CARB restricted areas under any circumstances. ***OFF-ROAD USE ONLY***