SPELAB 2.5'' 63mm Exhaust Tips Stainless Steel Muffler Car Exhaust Tail Pipe Modification Luminous Tube With Blue Flame LED light

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It is a car exhaust pipe that glows, there will be a blue flame effect after installation,suitable for car modification
With high temperature resistance, LED light, 12V power supply voltage
Made of stainless steel with excellent high temperature resistance. protect your original pipe from the sun and rain, avoid rusting and deformation

Wide Application: Universal fits 63mm Inlet diesel trucks pickup car exhaust system


Clamp on design, Easy to install, No weld needed, No drill needed
Please measure the size of your car to make sure it can fit.


  • The distance between the tail throat and the bumper should be more than 2cm, so as not to burn the bumper at high temperature.
  • Wear gloves when installing, just in case you are not injured.
  • Do not install this product when the car has just stopped or started, so as not to be burnt by the exhaust pipe.