Diesel Engine Compression Gauge Tester Cylinder Pressure Test Injector Adaptor

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To test diesel compression on most diesel trucks, cars and tractors

Gauge Scale: 0-70 Bar / 0-1000PSI

Glow Plug Adapters: (Thread , Length)

M10x1.0 83mm
M10x1.0 91mm
M10x1.0 102mm
M10x1.0 113mm
M10x1.0 119mm
M10x1.25 64mm
M10x1.25 135mm
M12x1.25 47mm
M22x1.5 118mm

Adaptors for Injector: (Thread , Length)
M20x1.5 75mm
M22x1.5 73mm
M24x1.5 88mm
M24x2.0 63mm

Package Include:

1x Compression Gauge
9x Glow Plug Adaptors
4x Injector Adaptors
1x Carry Case

No Instruction Included.
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