2X2.5" inch V-Band Flange&Clamp Kit For Turbo Exhaust Downpipes Stainless Steel

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V-Band Clamps makes it easy to install and remove inter-cooler systems and turbo parts, such as charge piping, intake pipes and the like. Great for racers and tuners, these clamps make it easy to remove parts to gain access to vital components easily as there are no hard hard to reach bolts or special tools needed. Simply undo the clamp and you can remove the component easily.


  • Flanges ID: 2.5 inch
  • Clamp:2.75" 70mm-80mm
  • Fit Flange ID size 2.5", Clamp size will bigger than 2.5",please make sure the size right
  • Professional installation is highly recommended. No instruction included.                                


  • 2X V band Clamp
  • 4X V band flanges