1-Barrel Carburetor For Chevrolet & GMC V6 eingines 4.1L 250/ 4.8L 252

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Introduction: A carburetor is a device to mix air and fuel for internal combustion engines in the proper ratio for combustion. The fuel and air mixture is too rich if it has an excess of fuel, while too lean if there is not enough. Therefore, to make sure the proper engine function and have a nice driving experience, a good quality carburetor is highly recommended.


1. To mix air and gasoline in a correct ratio to ensure proper engine function.

2. Give your machine the new power it deserves.

3. Reliable quality with 2 year warranty.

4. Various compatibility.

Fitment: for Chevrolet & for GMC V6 engines- 4.1L 250 & 4.8L 292

Type: Automatic Choke

Input Voltage: DC 12V

Material: Heavy duty Zinc alloy construction

Part Number: 7043014, 7043017, 7047314, 704731717054303, 17054228

Quantity: 1x 1-Barrel carburetor with choke thermostat (including mounting gaskets).

Package Included:

1x 1-Barrel carburetor with choke thermostat

Mounting gaskets shown in the picture

Instructions: Not included

Impurity in fuel may cause clogging in the carburetor,please use the clean fuel
To ensure the carb work normally,please clean the automobile oil circuit and air filter before you install the carburetor.